Facts About Jenny...


1. Jenny loves coffee, dogs, and Sherlock Holmes more than normal people

2. Jenny would love to write for you or your publications on the following topics:  education, parenting, pop culture, politics, feminism, why Apple's iPod monopoly crushed mp3 player innovation throughout the 2000's despite there being other better players and music services than iTunes (She really wants to write that, somebody pay her to write that.)

3. Jenny would love to help you design some new business cards or rethink your social media presence/branding or pop you together a new logo especially if you are a nonprofit or a poor/working (same thing tho, right?) writer/artist/creative.  Hit her up and she's sure you can work something out.

4. Got a kid applying to college?  Jenny is aces at helping kids with their college application essays which she does regularly through the nonprofit she founded, WordWorks!  Send her a message and she'll be happy to talk things through with you and your student.

5.  Jenny would love to help you build a Squarespace website like this one.  She would especially love to help you build one to help you sell stuff like this one she made for her dad, Tobacco Row Hardwoods.  While you're there pick you out something nice and she'll give you a discount on it.  (She really means that, say you saw that here and she'll hook you up.)  

6.  Email Jenny at if you'd like her to design you something or write for you.  You guys would get along great.