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The Farmer's Wife and the Crow

The young farmer’s wife went down to the barn, she saw there a rangy old crow.
Feathers like pitch, it had one broken wing, she stared at its eyes filled with sorrow.
“Come closer,” it cawed and though scared she did listen, “I have something for you, a secret.”

The young farmer’s wife was frightened but brave, this broken black bird has a secret?
She crossed the barn slowly, old straw, splintered wood, until finally she stood by the crow.
“Still closer,” it said, so kneel down she did, “I’ve watched you and know of your sorrow.”

Which one?, she thought then, her husband? her child? her own broken wing?, farmer’s wives know there’s more than one sorrow.
“Help me now and I’ll fix it, do not be afraid, listen closely, you must hear my secret.”
Hands clasped on a shovel, she walked from the barn, upright with the words from the crow.

The old crow is gone, there’s a new farmer now, with black hair and an arm in a sling.  Where sorrow was planted now only joy grows, joy and one small little secret.


This is my submission in the yeah write editors’ Tritina Challenge.  Learn more about this really cool verse form here, Tritinas.  My three words were crow, sorrow, and secret.  


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